Hipsta Please.

It’s almost blasphemous how doing something new or being someone different, is now a whole new label people attach to you. I don’t even exactly know what being a hipster entails, but I do know that this – this is one more bag of shit I do not want associated with me. I mean, just because I got one blue streak in my hair and put on a fucking beanie/toque/whatever, does that seriously make me a hipster? Is ‘hipster’ now a synonym for someone who wants to keep her head warm?

Don’t get me wrong, I think people put in effort to go against the gradient are commendable. Exploring new worlds of fashion, spirituality and even politics is a kickass way to expand your horizons, and might just lead you to some of the best experiences you’ll ever have. PLUS I now know that hipsters provide for the cheapest Halloween costume ever. But clearly the irony of being labeled a hipster is lost on most people, along with its almost farcical repercussions.

Firstly, this sudden outburst of people averse to the nuances of popular culture, has led to a whole new trend of exploring the unexplored and the under appreciated. Sure, all that is well and good. Promoting individuality and all that. But this trend seems to have turned into a struggle to be the ‘different’ one in one’s social circle, almost like an incessant need. The one who’s known as the group hipster, just so that they’re in the limelight. The Age of Attention Whoring? You’re sitting right in the midst of it, sweetie. Those trilby hats that were only sold in that one-tiny-shop-near-that-far-away-place, are now literally in every store you’ll ever see.

This urge to defy the mainstream IS the new mainstream. Trying to hard to be a hipster is the precise reason why you’re never gonna be one.

And as if this isn’t mind numbing enough, this hipster trend has extended into the smallest fucking things you do. You switch your radio to punk/alternative/grunge while Roar by Katy Perry is playing for the 53rd time? OMG, so hipster. You’re just dying for the new Nexus 5 to come out? That’s so weird, like, you’re not like anyone I’ve ever met. I’m sorry, I thought being different meant NO tags and labels. Doing something that everyone may not do shouldn’t automatically mean that you’re an Apple-hating, Urban-Outfitters-wearing, sometimes-pseudo-intellectual.

And what about the people who were already hipsters in the traditional sense? Those interesting minds and styles one would come across maybe just a few times in their lifetimes? The ones who couldn’t possibly give less of a fuck about what one sees or says about them? Its become hard to tell who actually ARE those wondrous minds, because everyone’s trying to be them. Thanks to the literary loophole called free verse, random sentences strung together are now lines of “OMG so beauts <3” poetry. The world now knows who The Who is, but only as those four long nosed dudes on the T-shirts they sell in those small shops. That girl you saw 2 years ago with the long feather earrings and a Trilby hat in the streets of Bombay, is now a Forever 21 spokesmodel.

The premise of hipsterisation is pretty cool – the interesting and the hidden can finally see light of day without being questioned constantly. But of course, one of the better things to happen to culture since the decline of bell bottoms can’t glide through our world without some bumps in the way. I personally think it’s fucking ridiculous that pop culture now chases after the different for the sake of being cool, but y’know, as long as you’re original in some sense.