The Beginning

I wanted to start something, y’know? Something for me.

She said that I don’t do things for myself. I sit on my arse and ponder upon the fate of others, while time slowly ebbs into oblivion. She said that I was being “blasphemous” by wasting my mental space on things that “really won’t pay your ransom money if you get kidnapped or some shit.” I’m not quite sure what part of this eloquent speech my mother expected me to latch onto, but there was one part that stood out. The part where me and the generation I belong to are losing our identities as individuals, and drifting into the battered shoes of a cultural vagabond of sorts.

Upon reflection, I enjoyed the term. Cultural vagabond. Without place, without identity, without restrictions of the mind. Seems like a good way to summarise where the natives of the 21st Century are heading. An ocean of undiscovered choices and thoughts and experiences and possibilities and troubles. And we’re nosediving into it without a backward glance or second thought. Dora the Explorer style.

Which led me to the nuances of the digitised existence we live and love. Sure, social media has spread to every corner of our ginormous planet, but for a very specific purpose. To encourage us to share our stories. To support the voices of the average. But my conversation (read: screech-off) with my mum got me to thinking – Has this phenomenon boiled over? Are there too many voices? Have the realities of existence have been drowned by the wild credulity of the blogosphere? I’m not sure if I disagree.

We’ve now ushered our way into a vacuum of social recognition. We use media most as a means to give credence to our existence. An existence dedicated to the externals and not ourselves. Mum wasn’t wrong she accused me of living my life through the another’s eyes, and it never fazed me. Hey, my people will sort my life out. But now I’m not so sure if I want that to be the case.

So here I sit, warming my arse, starting something for me. Something small, but something real.

I’ve come to find that a few words on a screen possess the strength to change shit up, big time. I don’t possess the idealism required to change the world. Ain’t NOBODY got time fo dat. I also do realise the hypocrisy I am exuding by doing this on WordPress. But, it’s about time I make something mine. Even if it is carving a niche into the internet.

Who knows, it might even work.